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Feb. 25th, 2007 01:54 pm
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Some icons I made for contests, as well as three banners and a wallpaper

+ Comment if you enjoy, credit if you take.
+ Please, no hotlinking.
+ Enjoy.


[5] Sofia Curtis
[5] Nick Stokes
[1] Jim Brass
[1] Greg Sanders
[1] Don Flack
[1] Johnny Depp
[1] Orlando Bloom
[2] Nick/Warrick
[1] Nick/Grissom

[1] Nick/Grissom
[1] Catherine/Keppler
[1] Sofia Curtis

[1] Nick/Warrick

here you go
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Here's my entry I made for YTDAW GSR Super Challenge #30, I thought I would post it here too.

Please credit [ profile] ssg_gsr
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For a few minutes I have made another Wallpaper with the Motiv Nick/Catherine
Hope you like it ;).

Credit: Texture -> [ profile] wonderland
Screencap -> from the Episode After the Show [ profile] kcohen

And here is the FO Banner ;).My first FO Banner *happy is*
With the Motiv Nick/Catherine too ;)

Credit: Texture -> [ profile] tihana
Brush -> [ profile] ca_pris
Screencap -> from the Episode Assume Nothing [ profile] kcohen

Feedback are welcome ;)

Greetings from Germany Firestar :)
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Good Morning together ;)

Here is a very new Wallpaper from me.

I have make one Wallpaper with the Motiv Nick/Catherine
More follows in the next time ;)

Credits: Texture: [ profile] regen
Picture: Webside: Texas_Charm

Free Image Hosting at

I hope you like this Wallpaper and Feedback are welcome ;)

Greetings from Germany Firestar28 aka Marion

3 wpps.

Feb. 16th, 2007 05:20 pm
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Marg Helgenberger/Catherine Willows
I'm not including preview images, please click on the link to see them.
HERE at my LJ.
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Made this new header today and decided to use it as my new one on my lj :D, so huge thanks to Tanny [ profile] geekluvinskater for helping me change the layout and sort the colours. *hugs* thank you sooo much :D You are definetly the LJ layout queen :D

More Art Here )


Feb. 14th, 2007 11:31 am
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Here are two new Wallpaper [Valentine's Day Wallpaper]

[ profile] ca_pris,[ profile] afterglowmegami

[ profile] ca_pris,[ profile] wonderland

I wish you a Happy Valentine's Day
Greetings Firestar :)
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Here are my new Wallpapers :)

Credits: Texture: kisunha
Screencap: CSI CAPS - wurlocke

Credits: Texture: Wonderland
Screencap: CSI CAPS - Kuyashinaki

Greetings Firestar :)
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Hey :)

Here are the 2 Wallpapers

Feedback are welcome

Textures: Wonderland Pictures: CSI CAPS - Screencaps by Kuyashinaki

Greetings Firestar :)
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[1 Cast Wallpaper]
[31 Icons]


More HERE @ [ profile] xxmoony

x-posted =p
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If you couldn't handle the big size of the original Hairguides, you'll be happy to know you can now enjoy the guys in small doses :-)

On request I made the Hairguides in wallpaper-dimensions, you can find all of them here. Once you are there, click to see the picture of your choice, then right-click and save if you want.

The guides are of course still available in high resolution print-quality. You can scroll down to find my earlier posts or you are welcome to click: Big Nick and/or Big Greg for a visit to my livejournalposts with all the info.

As before: comments are very much appreciated. X-posted in the usual places.


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