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Over the last weeks hundreds of votes decided which characters would represent 25 different fandoms in the 2nd Ultimate Fandom Tournament.
Now it's finally time to find out who will be the Supreme Ruler of All of Fandom* *All of Fandom = The small part of Fandom I managed to include here ;)

The champions for CSI are Lady Heather, Gil Grissom & Nick Stokes. Come on over and support your favourite character and/or fandom!

A click on the banner below will bring you to the first round poll of the SUFT.

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I have several fandom Death Matches going over at my journal to determine the champions for the "Second Ultimate Fandom Tournament" and there's of course also one for CSI.

Come on over and choose the 3 champions representing CSI fandom!
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I just wanted to tell you all about  CSI: Peterborough, Trent University's DNA Forensics Camp

It is a week long camp in Peterborough Ontario Canada that introduces teenagers (ages 14-18) to forensic science.  Activities include hands on experiments and lessons in forensic anthropology, hair and fiber analysis, wildlife forensics, crime scene investigation and use of current DNA forensic tools.  You then get to go into mock crime scenes and process them using nifty things like luminol and at the end of the week you also get a profile of your own DNA!   The camp is a week long overnight camp  that takes place in the summer of 2007.

The link is:

or you can just search google for 'dna forensics camp'


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If you couldn't handle the big size of the original Hairguides, you'll be happy to know you can now enjoy the guys in small doses :-)

On request I made the Hairguides in wallpaper-dimensions, you can find all of them here. Once you are there, click to see the picture of your choice, then right-click and save if you want.

The guides are of course still available in high resolution print-quality. You can scroll down to find my earlier posts or you are welcome to click: Big Nick and/or Big Greg for a visit to my livejournalposts with all the info.

As before: comments are very much appreciated. X-posted in the usual places.
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TV Squad recently reported on The CSI Experience, which is an an interactive exhibit for adults and older kids on the subject of forensic science. The exhibit premieres on May 25 at the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago.
You’ve seen the award-winning television drama, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Now it’s your turn to play the role of crime scene investigator!

Journey through one of three crime scenes and begin to identify the evidence.

* Match shell casings in a firearms lab
* Hear from a forensic pathologist in a realistic autopsy room
* See a victim’s blood tested in the toxicology lab
* Learn about the advances in DNA profiling
* Examine the role human judgment plays with the advancement in technology

Keep track of findings and results in your own CSI file. You’ll be guided by investigators from the television show along with their real-life counterparts as you formulate a hypothesis, examine scientific evidence and solve the crime!
The exhibit will be in Chicago until September. Variety reports the exhibit will travel for up to seven years, but no information about the schedule is available.

If there are any CSI fans here from the Chicago area, please keep us posted on the exhibit. We'd love to see pictures and read about your experiences!
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My boyfriend and I have started a website - 101reasons.net where you can post reasons why you like/dislike things. There's only a few topics on there at the moment, but one of them we've just opened is:

101 Reasons why you love CSI

So come on over and submit a reason (or two!) why you love CSI - it can be anything, from the writing and directing, to the storylines, to the characters or the cast. It's up to you! =D
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Oh Greg. You mad mad man. I love you and your hair. Even after I had sleepless night collecting all your funky hairstyles. I made 947 screencaps of you and Nick in Season 4 and could only use 2 shots per episode, what a shame. It was a tough job, but I'm glad I did it;)

The original files are huge (3508 x 2480 pixels) so I decided to link to the guides via icons: click to see the big picture (and click again if you can handle it;) Then right-click and save if you want.

Click Greg:

Comments are always appreciated. x-posted like crazy.
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I have to admit: this was not my favorite season to work on. Nick's bad haircuts almost made me long for the buzzcut. Almost. Because just when I had given up hope, he got his act together. Good man. :-)
The original file is huge (3508 x 2480 pixels) so I decided to link to the guides via icons: click to see the big picture (and click again if you can handle it;) Then right-click and save if you want.

Comments are always appreciated. x-posted like crazy.


Dec. 3rd, 2006 03:03 pm
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I hope this is alright i just wanted to pass on some information to fellow CSI fans...
From the Texan-Charm Website Maintainers:
We have a competition running from now until 20 December, giving you the chance to win a copy of 'Investigating CSI', published by BenBella Books.

Visit the Texan Charm website for details! :)

Mod @ [livejournal.com profile] texan_charm


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