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Just in time for the holidays... iTunes is running a half-price special on individual CSI episodes for the current season -- just 99 cents each.

CSI: Las Vegas Season 9

CSI: Miami Season 7

CSI: New York Season 5

FYI - links go to itunes, which is available here a free download.

Other shows available at these holiday prices include Fringe (Season 1), NCIS (Season 6) and Numb3rs (Season 5).

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I can't believe I forgot this guy's name all ready. I know it isn't Dan Cooper. *shakes head* It's from last night's episode Bang Bang your Debt.

I remember that Callie asked him to take some pictures of the crowd.

Bang Bang your Debt )


Solved by [ profile] stringdancegirl
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I heard some time ago that one of the episodes from CSI: Miami season 5 was going to be filmed either in Lisbon or Barcelona, but I haven't heard anything about the "result".
Does anyone know which one was the chosen city?
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I'm not really huge on making icons, but I was struck with an awesome idea while watching Miami tonight (no, there are no spoilers, and it's just a random pic). My roommates were amused as well.

Edit: Sorry.. the lj cut is being mean, but it's only one icon...

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Not sure if it's okay to ask this here or not, but I'll try anyway...

I was re-watching 'Felony Flight' (CSI:M 4.7) and I was wondering if anyone knew the song that was playing at the beginning of the episode was?
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5 Alyson Hannigan
3 Angelina Jolie
4 Animals
15 Bad Girls
10 Charmed - 8x22 "Forever Charmed"
192 CSI - some slash and femslash, some suggestive of either
7 CSI Cast
5 CSI Miami - all Calleigh
132 Disney - Ducktales, Hunchback of Notre Dame
4 Eliza Dushku
4 Emily Proctor

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Find the rest here
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CSI: Las Vegas & CSI: Miami
[10] Various seasons, characters

R U L E S:

;Comment on what you take
;Credit [ profile] lilkittykat_27. If you don't know how? Ask.
;Upload any graphics to your own server.
;Please don't hotlink. Ever.
;Blanks are not bases. Don't edit or modify them in any way.


the rest are here @[ profile] kittykaticons

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Hi, I'm looking for an episode of CSI:Miami (i think) which had them end up in an airplane community with a runway in the back - something about a sabotaged plane. I've been searching but can't find it.

Alternatively - it could be CSI: Las Vegas, but I can't remember it exactly.
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Title: CSI Miami Vogue
Song/Artist: Vogue, Madonna
Category: A bit of fun with Horatio and the CSI Miami team.
Spoilers: from 4.13 to 5.10
Strike a pose, there's nothing to it!
Comments and feedback are very welcome. Enjoy!
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The guy in my local comic shop mentioned this video to me today - it's 7 minutes of Horatio Caine's one-liners from just before the theme song starts.
I love CSI, but the one-liner obession (on all 3 shows) is decidedly silly.
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[01-06] csi: lv
[07-19] csi: ny
[20-23] csi: miami
[24-39] grey's anatomy
[40-44] criminal minds
[45-52] anderson cooper
[52-58] stephen colbert

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

check 'em out @ my icon journal

*please comment at my icon journal.
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My first batch of CSI icons. I'm not a CSI follower and watched only a few episodes of CSI: Miami so I have still yet to know the characters' names.

Features: CSI: Miami (CSI: Miami 4.15 - Skeletons)
No. of icons: 10

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