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CSI, CSI: Miami and CSI: New York are three of television's most compelling crime-dramas. Airing Thursday night, Monday night, and Wednesday night respectively, the show has started the ever popular 'CSI effect', boosted college interest in forensic sciences, and given millions of viewers each week something to talk about the next day.

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1. Any post made in the CSI community must be related to one of the three shows. All posts that do not relate to CSI will be deleted. Fanfic is not permitted. Requests for and links to episode torrents, downloads or clips will be deleted without explanation.

2. As of September 20, 2007, icon posts will no longer be permitted in this community. We suggest csicons.

3. Regarding graphics: All graphics (wallpapers, color bars, banners, etc.) must be put behind an lj-cut, and only CSI graphics are allowed.

4. Before you post a question to the community, do a bit of research and see if the answer hasn't been given before. Questions such as 'who plays Catherine Willows' can and should be Googled to find the answer. Do not ask if Jorja Fox is pregnant. She isn't. When and if she ever is, believe me, the community will know. Helpful sites include wikipedia, CSI Files, and CBS's official site. There is also a new CSI wiki for answers to music questions, relationship musings, and videos located at CSI Wiki.

5. Community promotion should be kept at a minimum and must be promoting only CSI related communities or websites as long as they are completely different from our own community. Think 7-up vs Coke rather than Pepsi vs Coke. It would be silly for us to help promote a community that is exactly the same as this one. If at any time the moderators feel you've advertised more than enough, we will start deleting repetitive posts. If your advertisement includes graphics, please place them behind an lj-cut.

6. To avoid confusion on what must be behind an lj-cut, here it is outlined: We are spoiler free for one whole season. This is to give our friends over seas the chance to see the episodes, who, in some cases, can be one whole season behind. If you are completely new to the fandom, please do not expect anything from seasons 1-5 to be located behind an lj-cut. All spoilers, whether they be from Ask Ausiello, Kristin on E! or just your own speculations must be behind an lj-cut. Any long polls or quizzes with graphics must be behind an lj-cut. If you are posting spoilers or rumors, please warn members accordingly.

7. During the regular new season, this community is on full time moderation. During the summer we do take off full time modding, but we will monitor for posts that are inappropriate.

8. Every Thursday night of a new episode, there is a discussion post. Any and all comments, theories, and speculations must be made at that post during and after a new episode for three days. If you make a post concerning an un-aired episode, it must be behind an lj-cut.

9. Why does my request for membership continue to be rejected?
If you are requesting to be a part of this community we will look at your user info. If there is nothing in it, you will not be approved. If you have an empty journal, you will not be approved.

10. If you have questions or concerns, you can e-mail your mods at,, or

I would like to thank the folks over at greysanatomy for setting a standard when it comes to user info! Thank you for letting us use you as a guide and outline.
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