Oct. 23rd, 2013

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The other day I did it. I sat there during Dead Doll (and part of The Case of the Cross Dressing Carp because if you watch Dead Doll you have to watch THE SCENE) and I put together my list of favorite episodes.

300. Holy Crap. )
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Since there wasn't a discussion posted ... I'm going to say this with plans to post my review to my website tomorrow. :)

My review of tonight’s CSI will come tomorrow. I need to let the fangirl breathe. I need to stop saying “MY BABY” to people who don’t know what it means. I need to process. But I can say that this was definitely one of the best eps, especially of the last four years, and I think was a worthy tribute to a show that has reached a milestone not many ever have and not many more ever will. The world is changing for TV and CSI grabbed a special moment in time and has held on - for better and for worse. Through cast drama and OTP weeping and a writer’s strike that could have killed the show if it hadn’t survived the 9th season. So thank you to CSI. Thank you to Jorja and Billy and Marg and Eric and George and to Elisabeth and Ted and Lisa for being part of this new generation. Nothing lasts forever. But if it were to end tonight, I think we could all sleep knowing we’d been loving a great story for the past 13 some odd years. :)


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